Growing demand for adequate supplies of fresh water requires prioritization of efficient management of water resources to ensure sustainability of both the society and the ecosystems. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) holds promise as an approach to better manage this critical resource. However, since, the concept of IWRM was launched at the United Nations Water Conference in 1977, commitment of different governments to use the IWRM approach has varied. Some countries are able to demonstrate substantial success while others are still at the beginning of their efforts, for a number of reasons. In 2018, after decades of developing and refining the IWRM approach, there are new global factors such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), New best practices, models and technologies that could speed up the whole process have also emerged. Yet, the implementation of IWRM plans remains a challenge.

The question that this Forum is posing is how can the new, progressive IWRM tools best prevent water crisis, address water scarcity, enhance efficient water management, and ultimately assist in achieving water security. It is expected that the papers and discussions at the main forum`s activity “scientific conference” will be a catalyst, and will guide change in water resources management, and will feature some of the largest and most challenging water resources management efforts globally.

What is the First Palestine International Water Forum - 2018?

The First Palestine International Water Forum: Is intended as a high-profile, international event promoted to attract decision makers, water management practitioners, international water experts, and professional regional and international organizations. The focus of the Forum is to present real-world experiences in IWRM, to discuss "lessons learnt" and explore innovative perspectives beyond current IWRM practices.

Why to attend?

The First Palestine International Water Forum will provide an opportunity to learn about advancements in the practice of IWRM, the tools that have recently been developed to aid in implementing IWRM, and to discuss how IWRM could best serve in addressing water resource challenges.

The First Palestine International Water Forum will provide a unique multi-stakeholder platform where the water community and policy and decision makers from around the world will have the opportunity to work together to elaborate joint solutions. 

The First Palestine International Water Forum will provide a broad technical and policy-oriented programme, along with a specialized exhibition-targeting water supply and wastewater vendor’s and other service providers in the water sector at national, local, regional and international level.

Who will attend?

The First Palestine International Water Forum aims to attract senior decision makers from public and private sectors, water and wastewater utilities/water supply companies, water ministries and authorities, environmental agencies and ministries, municipalities, utility operators, private sector companies and water experts and academic institutions from across the region and beyond. The Forum is targeting hundreds participants and delegations. Many of whom are international. Female participation is encouraged.

Location and Venue

First Palestine International Water Forum will take place in the Carmel Hotel, Ramallah.

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