Call For Papers

Invitation to submit a paper


Papers are to make an original and substantial contribution to the conference themes and topics covering different areas, methods, approaches and positions. Speakers who are interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract for review. The First Palestine International Water Forum’s Scientific Committee will do the selection of entries.

Abstracts should be maximum 300 words in length. Each entry should incorporate the following information:

Author’s(s’) full name(s), Title – Position – Institution – Address for correspondence– Theme of the paper by selecting the main topic followed by the subtopic’s number (see Forum topics/subtopics section Forum Topics above), indicating a first and second choice – Title of the paper – Abstract of the paper.

Selected presentations and later paper submissions should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Online abstract submission form including all instructions and guidelines can be found on the First Palestine International Water Forum’s website.

The official languages of the conference are Arabic and English (Simultaneous translation will be available).


Location and Venue

First Palestine International Water Forum will take place in the Carmel Hotel, Ramallah.

For more information about Carmel Hotel Please, visit