About Exhibition

Throughout the Forum, the exhibition guarantees another promising opportunity for a perfect business and networking platform for water and wastewater industry professionals and experts working towards common goals and seeking to introduce their products and services to competent targeted audiences. The Palestinian Water authority (PWA) invites institutions, organizations and companies to exhibit their technologies, programmes or products related to water and wastewater services at the Forum’s Exhibition. Further information about the exhibition will be available at the Forum’s website: www.piwf.pwa.ps


More than 40 exhibitors will be showing their state-of-the-art technology to wide range of participants coming from the region and the World. Further information about the exhibition will be available soon at the Forum’s website: www.piwf.pwa.ps


Interested organizations can contact exhibitor’s committee on: exhibition@pwa.ps


Exhibitor Benefits

A cost-effective channel to open a new market or to increase your opportunities in an emerging region having a future projects’ potential.

Position your brand and present your products and services in the field of water, wastewater, renewable energy and environmental related industries.

New business opportunities for multinational companies to engage with strategic partners from different projects’ stockholders categories donors, subcontractors, authorities and municipalities.

Share best practices and expertise with national and multinational exhibitors.

Opportunity to network with government decision-makers, business leaders, investors and country delegations from around the world

Build on opportunities in Palestine, at this stage of working on many strategic water projects in the field of desalinations, wastewater treatment, and developing infrastructure with focus donations on water sector.

Chance to showcase the latest products and technologies to potential clients from around the world.

More than 30 exhibitors will be showing their state-of-the-art technology.

Below are the domains are encouraged to exhibit in the First Palestine International Forum’s exhibition:

Water extraction and treatment

Desalination and water reuse

Water and sewage treatment

Water distribution and sewers

Irrigation and Drainage

Measuring, control and laboratory technology

Water and Energy Saving Technologies and Solutions

Water Management Systems

Rainwater harvesting

Filtration equipment

Water pollution monitoring

Water purification

Pipes fittings and Valves

Packaged drinking water

Consultants, research & technical institutes

Engineering companies

Project developers

Location and Venue

First Palestine International Water Forum will take place in the Carmel Hotel, Ramallah.

For more information about Carmel Hotel Please, visit http://www.carmelhotel.ps/en